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Urban planning simulation

Translation and support of the world’s best known urban planning simulation for a global player from the video game industry (February 2012 to March 2016)

I spent a total of four years working as lead translator responsible for the translation of all content for the PC and smartphone versions. Beside the menus and in-game assets such as speech bubbles, information fields, pop-ups, tool tips, tutorials, etc., I also handled translation of all of the marketing materials. Those included comprehensive blog posts, video commentaries, advertising, offers, etc.


Website content: vielife health platform

Website and content for the British health platform vielife (October 2010 to November 2013)

The vielife platform was geared towards large companies wishing to offer their staff free health coaching services. General lifestyle information had to be translated, along with questionnaires and offers for employees to encourage them to become more active. There was also nutritional advice, relaxation methods and opportunities (meditation exercises, yoga, etc.) and the latest research findings.


Building block adventure game for kids

Localisation of the entire role play game at the company headquarters in Denmark (August 2010)

This project took me to Denmark where I was commissioned to translate the website content along with the entire online role play game directly at the company headquarters. The game builds – in the best sense of the word – on the manufacturer’s physical games.


PR and website for an artificial turf manufacturer

Transcreation for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of artificial turf (May 2010 to October 2016)
Translating press releases, websites and product brochures allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge of the production and installation of artificial turf. I took advantage of my good contacts at the textile testing laboratory Weber&Leucht to further my knowledge in the field of textile technology. Read more...

Arcade ClassiX for Microsoft

Relaunch of a varied selection of classic arcade games for Xbox 360 entitled Arcade ClassiX (January to October 2010)

As the lead translator and proofreader, I worked in tandem with a colleague to ensure consistent terminology and style. I had witnessed the development of video gaming from beginning to end: from the Pong console through the first arcade machines in pubs with Donkey Kong to the C64 and Amiga 500 classics with Mario Bros., Gianna Sisters and Test Drive. That's why the project was in good hands with me.
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