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Website content: vielife health platform

Website and content for the British health platform vielife (October 2010 to November 2013)

The vielife platform was geared towards large companies wishing to offer their staff free health coaching services. General lifestyle information had to be translated, along with questionnaires and offers for employees to encourage them to become more active. There was also nutritional advice, relaxation methods and opportunities (meditation exercises, yoga, etc.) and the latest research findings.

The goal: to create appealing popular science content to gently guide participants towards a healthier lifestyle.

Under no circumstances should the heath news, emails, recipe suggestions and everyday tips sound critical, dry or dull. Hence I incorporated in vibrant imagery and metaphors along with pithy rhetoric, and opted for a question-answer structures: “But how can I quit smoking for good? Well, the secret is [...]”. The brisk reading pace aims to motivate users and to encourage them to pursue a more active, healthy lifestyle. The vibrancy always shines through – and this is one of the fundamental features of the brand image (vielife = vie = life = vitality).
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