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Cesira Consorte, Language Project Lead

13. April 2017
We have received the results of the QA performed on batch 2. I am happy to say that the result is excellent :) Read more...
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Jan Fitschen, book author and European 10,000 m champion

13. April 2017
Hello Thorsten, I got my hands on the first copy of Wunderläuferland Kenia two days ago and must say that I am extremely pleased with it. Thank you ever so much for your fantastic support and suggestions for improvements! Read more...
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Silvia Ferrero, Project Manager

13. April 2017
I have been working with Thorsten for over 5 years, and I'm very happy with his performance. He is very professional, reliable and always produces high-quality work. Read more...
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Matthew Devine, Social Marketing Manager

28. September 2014
Many thanks for completing the translation. Our German site manager was impressed with your efforts. Read more...
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Silvia Ferrero, Project Manager

28. September 2014
First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for your work. The client has imported the files into the game already and they are very pleased with the results. :) They personally asked me to express their gratitude, which is fantastic. Read more...
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Brigitte Berner, Loc Vendor Specialist

16. December 2013
We did another quality check. Nothing to complain about – the result is EXCELLENT! Well done! Keep up the great work. :-) Read more...
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Matthias Hues, Actor and Martial Artist

8. August 2013
I have lived in the U.S. for 28 years now. Seldom have I met someone with such a genuine talent for language as Thorsten. English could be his first language. Page for page, the wonderful fitness book that he translated is just as good as the English original, if not better! Greetings from Hollywood! Read more...
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Frank Haut, Managing Director

8. August 2013
Hi everyone! Because we all worked together so successfully last year on the translations for Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3, I would like to use the same team again this year. Read more...
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Brendan Tinnelly, Project Manager

8. August 2013
Hi Thorsten, I hope all is well. I’ve attached some review feedback for your work on Batch 01. Overall, feedback was very good. Read more...
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Lizzy Untermann, Project Manager

6. December 2012
Thanks a lot for a great job (as usual ;-) )! Read more...
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Diana Díaz Montón, Project Manager

13. November 2011
By the way, we recorded the German videos for Zack Zero this morning and the voice-over actor was quite impressed with the quality of the German text. So impressed, in fact, that he could not believe it was a translation. So kudos to a great job! Read more...
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Hagen Hellwig, Editor-in-Chief

13. November 2011
Hello Thorsten, It’s good to see you find new creative solutions. In such an environment, it’s really entertaining and inspiring to play and work with words. Read more...
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