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Creative translations

I offer creative solutions based on the approaches of the two eminent Germersheim translatologists, Hönig and Kußmaul. My goal is to be able to produce appealing exercise guides, journalistic sports articles, lively game dialogues, word plays and advertising texts even without an original text in the foreign language. Only in this way is delivery of an idiomatic and faithful translation that sounds as if it were originally written in German guaranteed – true to my motto of “Taking your game to the next level!”.

Note: transcreation and creative translation = copywriting PLUS translation
= multilingual communication for brand identity/sales


These are typically texts used for marketing, sales and image cultivation. Here are a few examples:
  • Product and company brochures
  • Press releases
  • Internet presences and websites
  • Communication in social media
  • Promotional mail-outs
  • Employee mailings
  • Magazine articles and journalistic texts
  • Product catalogues
  • Posters

It is well worth investing in compelling transcreations. Engaging PR texts highlight positive attributes of your brands in the media, which in turn attracts the interest of journalists and editors. Advertising texts moreover draw end clients’ attention to your brand.

Strategic, targeted marketing translations can therefore directly boost your brand worth.

Review the transcreation project workflow here.

Creative specialised translations and mixed genres

The following text types generally entail a combination of specialised and marketing translation.
They call for outstanding creative skills, coupled with specialist knowledge:
  • Apps (fitness, games)
  • Specialist publications
  • User manuals
  • In-game/app dialogues
  • Online and offline product catalogues and pages

In such mixed genres, it is important to keep sight of both the message and the brand image, and to convey the content in a manner appropriate to the target group. One particularity of specialist publications is a certain duty to remain true to the original and the author. Content edits and major cultural adaptations must be discussed with the publisher/author.

Professionally sound and entertaining creative translations are the best investment to win new readers and advertisers.

Proofreading, revision und copy-editing

Publishers often request additional services. Typical scenarios: a successful German athlete wants to have the book they’ve written reviewed. Content translated by specialists with limited translation skills needs to be honed for publication. A working translation prepared by a colleague needs one last review to ensure that it is entirely flawless.


The aim here is to give a working translation a final polish. I have many years of experience in proofreading projects both large and small. The art is distinguishing between personal preferences and genuine shortcomings in a text. A good proofreader is always open to alternatives and to learning something new. The key important questions when proofreading are: has the translator used terminology consistently? Has everything been translated correctly? Is the text grammatically correct? Is the style appropriate to the audience?

Completing translations according to the four-eye principle demonstrates to your clients how much you value your communication with them.

Revision, copy-editing and beta testing

Do you want the spelling, grammar, typography, style, punctuation and factual accuracy of a monolingual document checked? I also provide revision services in my specialist fields.
Copy-editing goes one step further. I tap into my specialist knowledge to help streamline your style and content as required and ensure you are left with print-ready copy.

Beta testing is the modern-day equivalent to classic revision and copy-editing for websites and apps. I check the entire content live and in action before your app or website is launched. Allowing you to be on the safe side.

As an upstream end client, I meticulously review the style and content of all your texts before you release these to the public. Guaranteeing a flawless, memorable presence for your brand.

Off-screen commentaries

I came upon this relatively new business field during a sports journalism seminar. The course trainer, Thomas Herrmann, tasked participants with commentating a basketball game. In light of the extremely positive feedback from this well-known professional commentator, paired with my previous experience of working with other renowned professional sports commentators in the studio and my proficient use of my own sound recording software, I resolved to develop this talent further.
I have offered this additional service to my clients for their projects ever since. Last year, I prepped Michael Matthews’ “Muscle for Life” podcast for Narayana Verlag publishing house. I set the time codes, translated the text and subsequently recorded the off-screen commentary in CD quality in my home studio.

Depending on your requirements and budget, I use my own hardware and software. For more high-end
productions requiring studio quality, I work with a local professional studio.

QA (quality assurance)

QA file

The most important aspect of quality assurance: communication with the clients. If something in the source text is unclear, then I always check back with the client. I use a special Excel QA sheet featuring specific questions that I send out to my clients before the project is completed. I then incorporate their responses directly into my translations. One added benefit: I can draw attention to minor bloopers discovered in the source text. I consider quality assurance to be a part of the translation process, hence no additional costs apply for this service.

Bug reporting and fixing

One further type of quality assurance in the field of video games that most major developers and publishers perform using game testers and QA software. Completing projects directly at company premises has allowed me to experience a variety of different QA platforms. At Nintendo in Frankfurt, for instance, I supervised a team of four testers, who provided invaluable feedback as internal upstream consumers.

Highlight what you do best, share your expertise and show everyone what you are made of!

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